Sunday, September 24, 2006

My New Job--Keeper of the Pictures

Over the weekend, I started to transition into my new job--Keeper of Nana's Pictures. When my mother mentioned bringing them to the Celebration of Life and letting family members go through them and take what they wanted, I protested loudly. My fear is that some of the pictures would disappear into Never Never Land, or worse. I'm also quite sure that there are some family photos that more than one of us are going to want. big plan is to scan them all in, save them to CD, and distribute copies of the CD to as many family members as want them. Sounds like a good plan, right?

My Mom gathered a number of photos and put them on a poster for everyone to view at the Celebration of Life. The photo included on this blog post is one of the photos from the poster, and one that particularly intrigues me. It is undated, but I'm estimating that Nana was in her teenage years when this was taken, which would place it circa 1925-1930. She looks SO different from the Nana I knew.

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