Thursday, September 24, 2009

50 years!!

My parents were married on September 22, 1959. This past Tuesday was their 50th wedding anniversary. 50 years. 50. Years. WOW! That's a long time.

I had hoped to smuggle a wedding photo of them, scan it in, and post it here. Just for the fun of it. It didn't happen. So this post is "photo-less". Oh well. Maybe another time.

I know that not all of their 50 years of married life have been easy. Frankly, I couldn't be married to either one of them for 6 months, much less than 50 years. Don't get me wrong--I love my parents. But they're both "weird" in their own way. So am I. I can admit that.

My parents have grown closer in recent years than I remember them ever being during my childhood. In retirement, they are bordering on inseperable. Its nice to see them enjoying each other's company. They spend time these days doing old people things. Dad talks about the weather a lot. They go to Walmart. Together. Weird.

My sisters and I debated on a 50th Wedding Anniversary gift for them, but seriously, what do you buy people that already buy what they want? Not that my parents are wealthy, but they are comfortable. They aren't cruise-ship people. So short of buying them something they don't really want, we're kind of stuck. I don't think the gift decision is final yet, but it doesn't make a lot of sense to buy them something they don't really want just to say we got them a gift.

So.........a heartfelt Happy 50th Anniversary goes to my parents! They've overcome some pretty big obstacles to reach this point. I'm going to stick with my opinion that50 years is a LONG time.

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