Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Trying not to take it personal.....

The school has completed their required evaluation on Jennica to determine her qualification for special education services, which means that today we completed the next step....the evaluation meeting. This is where all the findings are presented, everyone on Jennica's team is asked for any further comments, and then the go-ahead is given to write the IEP. Papers are signed......blah blah blah. She qualified, which we already basically knew. We already knew all the people at the meeting, and all in all, its a pretty workable situation.

Typical to children with SPD, Jennica has to be qualified for services through, essentially, a back-door. Sensory Processing Disorder is not a "real" diagnosis, so the school has to approach her issues from a purely functional standpoint. Okay......we get that. Its a tad annoying, but we're sort of beyond that point. Same Sh*t, different setting. We've been through this routine a few times now. Yes...........SPD is not a "real" diagnosis. So, tell me, that special education service that we're putting in place to prevent her from bolting off the school campus? WHY does she do that? Oh yeah......its sensory-based.......oh but wait........sensory isn't real, right? (Just venting.....) I hope that in Jennica's liftime, her diagnosis will become "real".

In any case, I had a rather odd reaction to the evaluation meeting that I didn't expect. From an intellectual level, I know what Jennica's issues are, and I address them pretty openly on a daily basis. It is what it is, right? Much to my surprise, hearing someone else refer to my daughter's issues as "functions poorly......" in such-and-such setting, or "needs significant assistance....." to complete such-and-such, royally ticked me off!! How dare you insult my daughter!! My mother-bear instincts came out in force! Heh.

So, it was an interesting moment for me. Mike wisely nudged me under the table when I started to come out of my chair, which fortunately, made me take a deep breath and realize that Jennica needs everyone to be on the same team. They weren't telling us anything we don't already know! They don't totally grasp the reasons behind her behaviors (yet) like we do, but there were no suprises.

I have some more self-examination to do before the IEP meeting. Perhaps, I have not yet grieved and accepted as much as I thought I had? Not sure.....

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