Sunday, September 20, 2009

RE-shopping for school

Comparatively speaking, Jennica's tactile issues with clothing are relatively minor compared to a lot of SPD kiddos. She definitely has times where she seeks naked-ness, and she goes through phases where she will ask for tags to be cut out of shirts, but she's not near as bad as some. In the past, she had a definite preference for soft cotton leggings over jeans, but over this past summer, she wore happily wore jeans and jean shorts much of the time. Probably the toughest issues involve shoes, as she likes to sensory-seek through the bottoms of her feet, so she tends to chunk off the shoes at every opportunity. Otherwise, the clothing issue is controllable--most of the time.

With the willingness to wear jeans over the summer, I bought some jeans for school. I honestly didn't put a lot of care into choosing her school clothes, as I didn't really have any expectation that tactile defensiveness was going to be a problem this year. I bought some polo-type shirts with buttons on the front. I bought some long-sleeved shirts. And.......the jeans. Oh......the jeans. Unfortunately, when the brain experiences sensory overload from too much auditory and visual input, it tends to "run over" into other areas as well. She is wildly sensory-seeking these days, especially orally. Long sleeves and buttons are the first things to get chewed. And, all the sudden, she's adamantly refusing to wear anything other than what she calls, "Soft clothes!!!!"

So.........I got to re-shop for Jennica's school clothes this weekend with very specific goals. No buttons/frills on the fronts of any 3/4 or long sleeves.........the "plain-er" the better.......and "soft" pants. I was hoping to get some short-sleeved shirts on summer clearance. Wrong. So I ended up coming up and shortening some sleeves. Good thing I sew. (Yeah........shut up. My mother tried very hard to make me a Betty Homemaker. A little bit of it stuck......) I was pretty successful on the "soft" pants. Thank heavens leggings are in style!!!

So.......I'm hoping that getting dressed in the morning goes a little more smoothly this week. If I can avoid ONE fight, it will be worth it.

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