Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Laughing out of frustration...

My daughter got off the school bus this afternoon, and I could see at a distance that the entire front of her shirt was soaked from chewing on it. I groaned inwardly. Its an obvious indicator of a sensory system on overload. Today is the first day that she had worn this new shirt, and it has tiny holes chewed all the way through the fabric. She was wearing one of her "chewelry" necklaces, but for some unknown reason, the fabric was meeting her chewing need better than the necklace. I applaud the teacher for at least attempting to get her to chew on a more appropriate sensory tool. Too bad it didn't work and the shirt is now in the garbage can, but that is not the teacher's fault. She obviously tried!

Jen is now sitting in front of the TV, after some rhythmic activities that I initiated, stark naked. Despite our rather warm weather this afternoon, she is wrapped in three heavy blankets, and chewing her way through GF pretzels, apples, and anything else that she can talk me out of. She is massively sensory-seeking and I am not looking forward to convincing her to put on some clothes in a little while to head out and feed horses. I can already tell that clothing will be a fight this afternoon. Thank heavens she doesn't strip at school! (Knock on wood.........!!!)

So............I'm sure there is some joke here to be made about edible underwear and my 5-year-old literally eating her shirt today. For the life of me..........the humor is eluding me at the moment. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

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