Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sixteen.........., Part 2

1) Dane drove Grant and himself to their orthodontist appointments in Aberdeen this morning. WEIRD! But nice!

2) When asked, Dane told me that he doesn't have a nickname for the Explorer, but that a teammate refers to his beat-up Subaru as the "Shaggin' Wagon". Too funny! It brings back my own high school memories of various school chums' vehicles. Primarily, a certain gentleman that is now an elected state official that had no front passenger seat in his car, so his girlfriend either had to sit in the back seat, or a lawn chair placed on the front floor, when riding with him. And the old brown van that we all knew and loved with the maple leaves painted on the sides.... :)

3) Lastly, Dane has been informed that if he should happen to acquire any speeding tickets, he will no longer be driving an unnamed Ford Explorer, and will instead be riding a great big, yellow "Loser Cruiser" a.k.a. school bus.

So.........is my sense of humor going to worsen or improve in the next two years until Grant gets his driver's license? Hmmmm.........It will be interesting to see......... :)

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