Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthdays birthdays everywhere......

Photos of Tiersten(in red) bowling with friends (Hannah, Madeline, & Emmerson) at her 6th birthday party. And Jennica on her new bike.

The girls' birthdays being only 6 days apart usually makes for some chaos around here. We've always combined parties in the past, but they are now old enough that we are trying to really separate their birthdays a bit, to treat them like the individuals that they are. Let's face it........if their birthdays were 2 months apart, they would have separate parties, right? Why don't they deserve the same treatment, even though their birthdays fall within one week?

With that said, I think the hardest part to this year has been accomodating Jennica's diet so that she could fully participate. The day-to-day stuff we've got down........but the special occasions are still a pain. GFCF cupcakes with GFCF frosting.......coconut milk ice cream that has to be purchased at a store an hour away......Bottom line, it all just takes a little planning. And, once again, the benefits of sticking to the diet regime have been so overwhelmingly beneficial that we don't hesitate. But it does take planning!'

So, last night, I made another batch of cupcakes for Round 2. She's demolished the coconut milk chocolate ice cream that we had bought for her to have at Tiersten's party, so she's going to be without that today. I will pick some more up tomorrow when we run to Olympia for occupational therapy, so she can have it this weekend for her "kid party."

Its hard to believe that they are 5 & 6! Where has the time gone?

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