Saturday, April 18, 2009

Welcome, Christine!!

I loved my suburban from the day we bought it. But considering that we put an average of over 2,000 miles per month on our primary vehicle, the miles on it were climbing higher than we really liked. So about two months ago, I casually mentioned to Mike that, perhaps, we should consider our options.

So.....consider we did. It turned out that our suburban, even with the high miles, was a desirable vehicle to some dealers. So, we ended up with a 2008 LOADED Dodge Durango with super-low miles and every option imaginable. Even better......we walked away with cash in our pocket. While I'm sure that we're going to miss the extra cargo room in the rear at times, the seating comfort is actually very similar, even with all six of us on board.

Mike very quickly nicknamed the new rig "Christine", as we keep finding more things that "she" does on her own. She auto-dims the headlights to oncoming traffic and auto-brightens them again after the vehicle passes. The front and second-row seats are all heated. The side mirrors adjust and re-adjust each time you shift into reverse. There is a rear back-up camera on the console (not a bad thing with a new teen driver in the family). The driver's seat is memory-coded, along with the heat settings based on which key unlocks the rig. The moon-roof has this cool little wind-blocker thingy that pops up. Even the rear hatch is power-opening AND power-closing at the touch of a button. The radio and DVD system is all touch screen......which we still haven't totally mastered........but I did manage to figure out how to load a photo of the kids on the little screen. Yep.....Christine fits. Creeeeeepyyyy.

Its always fun having a new vehicle. I still hate to give up the emotional attachment that I had to my suburban, but maybe I can grow to love Christine.

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