Wednesday, April 22, 2009


With Jennica's blossoming communication, we're suddenly getting some very funny moments. Last weekend, I was in the bathroom fixing my hair and overheard some muttered bickering between the girls. I'm not sure what started it, but it suddenly got loud rather quickly when Jen suddenly shrieked, "Tiersten, STOP THAT!!! Or I'll turn you into a toad!!!"

Tiersten cracked up laughing, which diffused the whole situation. But it was still really funny! Apparently, Jen is under the impression that she CAN turn someone into a toad, which adds to the humor.

And then on Monday morning, she wandered into our bedroom as I was coming out of the shower. She has the most sincere way of expressing her affections, and that morning, she looked at me with complete adoration and said, "Mommy, I looooove you!" As I prepared to respond, she added, "......but I really don't like it when you're naked! Put some clothes on!" And with that, she turned around and slammed the door.

Alright-y! Thank you for sharing that, Jen! :)

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