Monday, April 20, 2009

Time to get a little more serious....sniff sniff sniff

I went back to the naturopath today, after 6 weeks of Vitamin B12 shots every five days, MASSIVE doses of Vitamin D, and trying to limit intake of dairy and cane sugar. Things didn't go real well. My B12 is climbing, but very slowly, and is still several hundred points below a minimal level of normal. My levels of D are also climbing, but also far too slowly for satisfaction. other words, I've been busted. I have not been near as diligent as I need to be with the dietary changes, and it shows. As long as I'm continuing to consume substances that my body fights ( my case, dairy & cane sugar), the antibodies will remain at very high levels in my blood, and the nutrients that my body needs to function properly will not be absorbed. I might as well just throw the shots and the vitamin supplements down the drain. My body is too busy fighting the allergic substances to be able to heal itself.

Honestly........I'm rather bummed, despite knowing that I've done it to myself. This is not going to be as simple as swallowing a daily pill and I'm "cured." I witness the positive impacts of the STRICT dietary changes on Jennica, but I don't have the self-control to follow the same rules? In some ways, its much easier to be a child on a dietary system. Jennica eats what we send with her, or put in front of her. She doesn't have the freedom to hop in the Durango and run down to Subway to grab a quick lunch, with cheese on the sandwich, and a cookie (or two). But thats a lousy excuse. I'm going to have to "buck up" or live with the joint pain and other effects of deficiencies, and then live with the long-term effects of what it will eventually do to my bones and internal systems.

Choices choices choices. My doctor, who also follows a very strict diet for totally different health reasons, fully admits to the difficulties of following it day-after-day once the novelty wears off. She literally claims to have dreams about eating M & Ms. Funny........unless you live it. She also claims that she can "taste" them in the morning when she wakes up. A cruel joke that her brain plays on her! And rather scary.........when a handful of M & M's would land her in a hospital.

So....I think I'm looking for a Dairy & Sugar Addicts Anonymous Club. "Hello......My name is Beth. I'm addicted AND BADLY ALLERGIC to ALL substances derived from the milk of ALL animals, and sugar cane." Step 1?

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