Sunday, April 12, 2009

The cons of self-employment

Today was Easter. I wouldn't really say that it rained. It poured. Sideways. And the wind blew. The Easter bunny hid his loot indoors. Smart rabbit. My daughters wore their new sleeveless spring dresses to church. If I were a nice Mom, I would have let them wear them with rubber boots to get from the sidewalk to the front door. Instead, they wore their cute little white shoes and got wet. Hey......Its EASTER darnit. And they're girls. They need to learn sooner in life rather than later that you sometimes make sacrifices for fashion. :)

Anyway.....I worked all day. In other words, that last post about how many balls I can keep in the air? I'm pretty much sucking at it. In my defense, Tiersten's birthday was Thursday, which meant a kid party and a family party yesterday. And all the planning that goes with keeping the house tidy, cakes, food, a gluten-free food for Jennica that she can "party" with.....blah blah blah. And Jennica actually went to a birthday party of a friend yesterday, which also meant sending her to the party with her own food, GFCF cupcakes, etc. and explaining to the Mom why Jennica couldn't eat their food. (A HUGE thank you to Louise for not even batting an eyelash when I presented her with a wrapped gift for Brooke, and a handful of tupperware containers containing Jen's lunch and treats. Louise is a nurse and she totally "got it"!!! This is not really a "comfortable" thing to do, so I am VERY appreciative of her great attitude!!) And then, of course, we dyed Easter eggs yesterday and folded about 90 loads of laundry, as we somehow got behind on that this week and it threatens to overtake the house when that happens....., I was at my computer completing appraisals. Happy Easter! Bah Humbug! is one of the trade-offs of self-employment that I have to accept. There are a ton of pros and I've benefitted hugely. But, boy, I know how to whine when the cons get me down. I had simply had a report or two last week take longer than anticipated, and that was enough to put me two reports behind today. When you're a self-employed "lone ranger", its hard to tell the client, "I'm SO sorry, but we've fired that employee and your report will be delivered ASAP." And the excuses of, "I had family commitments," only go so far and you can only use that excuse once in awhile. If you want to be considered an appraiser that is highly-respected in the field, you have to stand by your deadlines.

I'm not caught up.......until tomorrow morning. I have a STACK of appraisal inspections tomorrow. Its good to be employed........its good to be employed........its good to be employed.........right?

Jennica's birthday is this Wednesday, we've got two track meets, and heaven-only-knows-what-else. This week, I'm sure, will prove to be another busy one.

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